Four Benefits Of Taking Online Courses

One of the facilities that technology currently offers is the possibility of studying online.

According to information from Course, an online education platform, and the Mexican Internet Association, the time spent on online studies will increase 12% in Mexico in 2017, compared to last year.

Courses have around one million users in Mexico today, and tell you four reasons why it is convenient to study in this modality:

You can do it from your Smartphone

With online education you can forget about the time and space barriers, and that you can study from anywhere, at the time you prefer and in the device that you like the most. Learning from your cell phone is very easy, even if the course is complicated.

According to the Mexican Internet Association, 77% of users access the cloud from their cell phones.

Acquire the necessary skills to get a good job

online education platforms are always creating content that is adapted to the current market requirements, so with these courses, you will have the opportunity to develop and refine the skills that are a trend in the workplace, such as digital marketing, programming, data science, and leadership, among many others.

Harvard, Yale and UNAM a click away

Entering a prestigious university is increasingly complicated given the high demand that exists, but online education allows you to learn from the best professors from Harvard, Yale or UNAM from the comfort of your home. Courses have programs developed by the best universities in the world.

Get an official recognition of your studies

The certificates that deliver online courses can be added to your CV and LinkedIn, helping you to demonstrate your skills, highlight your achievements and reinforce your professional credentials.